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A living legend to the performing arts arena, Ester has made her mark, worldwide.  Below, just a few of her memorable moments are documented.  



Gaslight Club & Skokie Theatre

Ester Hana performs Live at the Chicago Hilton, O'Hare and at Skokie Theatre, "In LOVE with Nat 'King' Cole"

VIA Times

Ester Hana Concert

Esther Hanviriyapunt neé Buenconsejo, a.k.a. ESTER HANA, pianist, cabaret/jazz singer, plays an all-classical piano program. She is known for solo work in a wide variety of piano styles, incorporating serious music with theatre, popular and international (foreign-languages) music. This is her first solo completely-classical program in twenty years. . .

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Oil Lamp Theatre

Words & Music with Ester

Enjoy popular and versatile singer/piano player Ester Hana as she performs her musical favorites from the Great American Songbook and beyond. . .

Positively Filipino Magazine

When Ester Hana sings, her voice is deep, emotional and powerful, enhanced by her piano accompaniment. Her signature style is a slow but clear singing of the lyrics, especially in ballads, creating dramatic tension.
With her interpretative talents, she has become a legend in Chicagoland’s music scene . . .
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